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Do You Have a Class or Family Reunion in Iowa City?

Reunions come in many shapes and sizes, but there are two of them that are the most common:  family reunions, and class reunions.

A family reunion is a great way for families who may have many of their members living at a large distance from each other, or who are sometimes too large to meet up altogether and frequently, to meet with each other.  

A class or school reunion is an opportunity for former high school or college classmates to reconnect after a period of time, to see how people are doing, and how they’ve been since they last saw each other.

Though they may be different in intention, these two reunions need the same things: an agreed-upon date, an established guest list, catering services, and the perfect venue to hold them all in.  And with The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Family Reunion

A family reunion can be a really special event for a number of reasons.  Depending on how frequently members of the family are able to get together, it can be rare that everyone gets to see and catch up on a regular basis; plus, if it’s a family reunion that calls in people from all different parts of the extended family, there could be family members who are meeting each other for the first time.

For this reason, it’s important not just to have a great venue, but a number of good activities you could maybe do with the family, such as:

Class Reunion

Class Reunions are a great way for people from the same high school or college class to meet up with each other again and see how everyone’s done since they left school.

Class reunions can differ a bit from family reunions, and not just in the obvious ways.  Usually, they’re a bit looser organized, and people often come and go to and from separate parties and other events that may be occurring on that day.  This is something to keep in mind and consider when deciding how and where to throw your Class Reunion.

An Event Venue Perfect For a Family Reunion, a Class Reunion, and More

The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City is the ideal location for the entire family, or the entire class, to come together again.   

With a 5,700 square foot ballroom, three smaller rooms for more close-knit gatherings, a rooftop patio, state-of-the-art kitchen and bar, and an event staff that will help you plan, decorate, cater, and put on your event, The Heights Rooftop is Iowa City’s perfect event space.  Full-service amenities, great staff, and beautiful views—with us, every moment is an unforgettable time.  

A One-Of-A-Kind Venue

Let the Heights Rooftop host your next memorable moment.  From intimate weddings to polished corporate events or the occasional Hawkeye tailgate, we offer full-service banquets as well as custom menus.

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