Holiday Party Event Venue in Iowa City

Holiday Party Event Venue in Iowa City

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How To Put On A Great Holiday Party

Whether you’re having a big holiday family get-together, or a knock-out office holiday party, you deserve an event venue where you can spread some holiday cheer. The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City can help you put on and plan an event that’s unforgettable, unbelievable, and just might go down in history.

Holiday Party Ideas

There are a lot of holidays to celebrate over the course of the year, and most of them usually get a party or two thrown their way so people can celebrate them.

But what do you actually want the party to be like?  Everyone knows that most holiday parties have a general/traditional theme that rarely deviates from year to year—but what about the stuff that you can do to differentiate yourself?

A few ideas are:

These are all obviously pretty commonplace, but they’re great, little ways for you to make your own holiday party different from what other people have been to.  

Holiday Party Food

One of the best parts of any holiday party is the food.  Whether it’s the Thanksgiving Turkey, or cocktail weenies and other light bites on New Years’, Scotch Eggs on St. Paddy’s Day, and anything else in between and beyond, a good holiday spread of food never hurts.

So, if you have time, bone up on some holiday-themed recipes before the day comes.  Maybe you could try Candy Cane Cocktails; or set out a beautiful dinner for Thanksgiving, Easter, or Passover Seder; or maybe, if it’s a smaller event, just spring for something you might usually do, like a cheese platter, or other little foods people can enjoy during the party.   

A Party Venue That Guarantees Holiday Cheer

Are you planning your holiday party?  The Heights Rooftop is the perfect spot.

With a 5,700 sq. ft. ballroom, smaller rooms that are great for private meetings and dinners, and a rooftop patio and top-of-the-line kitchen and bar, we can host any event you can imagine.

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A One-Of-A-Kind Venue

Let the Heights Rooftop host your next memorable moment.  From intimate weddings to polished corporate events or the occasional Hawkeye tailgate, we offer full-service banquets as well as custom menus.

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