High School Dance Venue in Iowa City

High School Dance Venue in Iowa City

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Throw The Best School Dance Ever

Organize The Dance

Getting your school’s dance on the right track takes a lot of work.  Start with identifying the people who can help, like your school’s officers, and find at least five to ten volunteers.  Your team will delegate tasks among themselves, but make sure you have one person in charge of coordinating everything.  Supplies, refreshments, the entertainment, the venue—your organizational committee needs to work out all the details in advance so that if something unexpected comes up, you have enough time to adjust.

Pick The Dance Theme

This is maybe the most important aspect of the entire evening.  Every high school dance needs a theme, but how do you pick which one?

One of the best ways is to think of a few good options and ask your fellow students to vote.  There are lots of classic themes to choose from, like Winter Wonderland or Hollywood, but it’s never a bad idea to try and come up with some of your own themes as well.  Who knows—that idea you came up with might just end up being the theme of the whole night.

Picking A Great Dance Venue

Any successful dance requires a unique venue.  You need something elegant, something fun, something that people will remember for a long time to come. 

Our location, amenities, and staff are second-to-none in Iowa City.  And at The Heights Rooftop, that unforgettable experience is guaranteed.  We can promise you it’ll be one for the books when you spend time with us. 

Venue Amenities:

A One-Of-A-Kind Venue

Let the Heights Rooftop host your next memorable moment.  From intimate weddings to polished corporate events or the occasional Hawkeye tailgate, we offer full-service banquets as well as custom menus.

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