Graduation Venue Iowa City

Graduation Venue Iowa City

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Graduation Party Ideas From The Best Event Venue in Iowa City

Graduation celebrations are a big deal no matter your age.  Whether it’s a high school or a college graduation party, there are so many different grad party ideas that can really make the occasion special.

At The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City, you’ll find panoramic views from our 5,700 sq. ft. ballroom, complete with an outdoor patio and multiple smaller rooms, all of which make The Heights Rooftop the most versatile event venue in the city.

Graduation Party Theme Ideas

There are a lot of ideas on what to do for a high school or college graduation party. Remember, the ultimate focus of the party is on the graduate and their accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great theme to go along with it.Some theme ideas include:

Remember that graduation party themes are usually used to reflect some aspect of the student the party is being thrown for.  If they were highly active and involved in sports, then it makes sense to throw a sports-themed party; if they were more focused or engaged in academic extracurriculars, then designing the theme around their studies would fit best. You could even mix and match and see what you come up with!

College/High School Graduation Party Decorations

Once you have a theme decided, the fun part comes—the themed decorations.

With most events, the decorations and the theme go pretty much hand-in-hand, and there isn’t a whole lot of variation between the theme and the event itself.

But a high school or college graduation party is different because, on top of the decorations for the theme, you’ll also have decorations specifically for the guest of honor, aka the graduate.

So one of the most significant decisions with graduation-themed decorations is how are you going to arrange them?  Do you want a kind of beautiful centerpiece, with the graduate’s senior picture, class pictures, baby photos, and others on a bulletin board, or in a video montage somewhere central to the room?  Or do you want something simpler, maybe even just a poster board with photos collected over the years that the gift table can put over?

Whatever you choose, the graduation-themed decorations are the key to a good grad party.  It’s an excellent way of celebrating the graduate’s hard work, their life up to that point, and the fact that they’re growing up.

Graduation Party Venue

The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City is the perfect location when it comes to events.

With a large ballroom, three smaller rooms, and an outdoor patio on top of an already modern kitchen and bar, this venue has all the amenities needed for any celebration. With us, you can plan your event with our event staff and choose from catering or decorations.

Whatever the occasion, there’s no better place than The Heights Rooftop in Iowa City.

A One-Of-A-Kind Venue

Let the Heights Rooftop host your next memorable moment.  From intimate weddings to polished corporate events or the occasional Hawkeye tailgate, we offer full-service banquets as well as custom menus.

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